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Types of Training

The Recovery


You've completed a marathon! But what's next? RECOVERY Research states that muscle damage from running a marathon can last up to two weeks. The research also indicates that soreness, or lack of, is not an indicator of your muscles healing. In other words, just because you aren’t sore anymore doesn’t mean ...

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Yoga for Runners


Yoga has many health benefits, including building muscle strength, regulating your adrenal glands and improving your posture amongst other things. For the fitness fanatics of our modern day society, yoga can help us sustain great breath control and help runners and cyclists improve their flexibility whilst also helping injuries heal ...

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Hill Running


Ever wondered how you can improve your running form without thinking about it too much, or fundamentally changing the way you run? Incorporate hill running into your training regime. Not only is it great for improving form, it strengthens your legs and will ultimately make you a better runner. In ...

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