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Good Nutrition on the Go

Eating healthily and keeping well hydrated sustains your energy levels, fuels your muscles, and helps you recover quickly.

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet as you go about day to day life; whether that be commuting, being surrounded by treats and snacks at work or days out at the weekends. It's particularly hard to think about healthy choices when you are on the go; which can mean your nutrition suffers.

For Goodness Shakes® Protein Coconut Water is a refreshing blend of coconut water and spring water, boosted with 10g Whey Protein Isolate, all in a convenient, easy to drink serving. It comes in two refreshing flavours, Tropical and Orange & Mango.

FGS Coconut Water

Protein is one of the building blocks of the body and a steady stream will enable you to cope with the rigours of daily life and recover from exercise and activity. Plus it can help promote a feeling of satiety keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

For Goodness Shakes have combined Protein with Coconut water to help hydrate and recover at the same time, all in a delicious, low calorie drink.

Whilst rich in protein, each bottle has zero fat and there is no added sugar so you get a nutritious drink with only 52 calories.

Ready to drink, it can be kept out of the fridge. Use it as a protein boost after a workout, a low calorie drink alongside a meal or as a nutritious, hydrating drink on the go.

CLICK HERE to "Find your Perfect Protein" - see what For Goodness Shakes would recommend based on your activities, status and goals.

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