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Getting faster


I haven't blogged recently but the Run Club has kept on running. We've even had a few new faces. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed something brilliant - we're all getting faster. Turning up, week in, week out to sweat a LOT and run hard is paying off. Here's a quick recap what we've been up to Monday nights.

We’ve been mainly doing this:

streelight fartlek


speedy sprints

And this....

90 second intervals

I’m never sure whether or not talking about specific paces on a running blog is a good idea. A mile is the same distance whether it takes 5 minutes or 15 minutes and I recently experienced the unpleasantness of someone running next me complaining about how slow they'd become when I was clearly giving it all I had! Let’s just say that over the past few months the digit I’m proud of when I see it pop up each mile on my Garmin has dropped by 2.

What’s surprised me though is that running still hurts. I used to look at people faster than me and think this must be easier for you or once I’ve trained as much as you this will be easy.  I still feel sick when I’ve tried really hard and I still get jelly legs and odd lumpy painful bits in my calves. Sometimes at the end of a tempo run or a speed session my whole body feels empty. I’ll leave you with a quote someone mentioned at this week's session that really struck a chord for me:




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