Brixton Running Club


Our Brixton Running Club currently meet at Brockwell Park for a session on the outside of the park during these winter months. On a Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. Brockwell Park is a great place to train, with some fantastic hills for some grueling sessions. We also have a RunThrough Race series in Brockwell Park, so you can can train hard in your local race location! There is no charge to for our training so come along and improve your ability to take on the hills around the outside of the park & in the summer on the park. The Brixton sessions are currently being taken by Matt and Ben. You can see their profiles of on our Team section of the website.

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Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Join us for a challenging Hill Session around Brockwell Park every Wednesday. Meeting at 7:00pm by the Lido, we can all warm up together and be ready for a 7:20 start for some challenging Hills!

Saturdays @ 9:00am

Join us for a 9:00am start by the Lido at Brockwell Park for a group Park Run

Other Nearby options?

Meeting by the Windmill on the Common (pub), join us on Clapham Common at 7:00pm for a group warm up around the common and then a great fartlek session through the common lasting up to 30 minutes.