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RunThrough Newsletter 19th November 2018

Training TipsTRAINING

If you're an evening runner, since the clocks have gone back we bet you've had some rather dark runs. Here are the Top Five Night Running Accessories . - READ HERE




All you ever needed to know about knee ligaments. - READ HERE



Nutrition adviceNUTRITION

Do Endurance Athletes Need Meat to Perform Well? This article is well worth a read if you're considering reducing or removing meat from your diet. - READ HERE



whats onWHATS ON

The Running Works evening with Nick Anderson and Saucony - how to be a better runner tomorrow than today. Wed 21st Nov @ 6.30pm (for those who don't fancy chasing the moon!). - READ HERE




Lee Valley VeloPark - Sat 24th Nov @ 9am. Sign up HERE
Chase the Moon Olympic Park - Wed 21st Nov @ 7pm. Sign up HERE
Christmas Olympic Park 5k & 10k - Sun 16th Dec @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE



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