Training TipsTRAINING

If you’re an evening runner, since the clocks have gone back we bet you’ve had some rather dark runs. Here are the Top Five Night Running Accessories . – READ HERE




All you ever needed to know about knee ligaments. – READ HERE



Nutrition adviceNUTRITION

Do Endurance Athletes Need Meat to Perform Well? This article is well worth a read if you’re considering reducing or removing meat from your diet. – READ HERE



whats onWHATS ON

The Running Works evening with Nick Anderson and Saucony – how to be a better runner tomorrow than today. Wed 21st Nov @ 6.30pm (for those who don’t fancy chasing the moon!). – READ HERE




Lee Valley VeloPark – Sat 24th Nov @ 9am. Sign up HERE
Chase the Moon Olympic Park – Wed 21st Nov @ 7pm. Sign up HERE
Christmas Olympic Park 5k & 10k – Sun 16th Dec @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE