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RunThrough Newsletter – 3rd October

Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, DOMS, affects most people after a heavy, or new/different, training session. But why is it always the "day after the day after"? It turns out there are two different types of "ache" that we experience. Have a read HERE

Nutritional tips or yummy recipes
Who doesn't love a burger?! Well now you can enjoy a host of tasty burger variations thanks to Fitter Food. Check out their burger recipes HERE.


Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
As we slowly move into Autumn it's worth taking note of a few of these autumn training tips. From appropriate layering to embracing the season, these are the golden rules. Have a look HERE.


Upcoming Events
Women in Sport week - 3rd-9th October. Transforming sport for every woman and girl in the UK. Details HERE.
RunThrough Battersea Park 5k & 10k - Sat 8th Oct @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE.



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