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RunThrough Season Pass from a Runner’s Perspective

Back for it's third year, RunThrough are offering the popular season pass which gives you access to all the races in the RunThrough calendar for 2017. We think it's a great way to give you some focus on your running, setting yourself targets and beating them through the races, whilst also saving money. But what do our season pass holders think?

Graham, 2016 Season Pass Holder

Graham, 2016 Season Pass Holder

With an expanding waistline and some “big events” on the horizon I signed up to runthrough’s season pass.

I’m a regular runner, but find motivation can be tough in the colder months. Organised runs make it easier to get out there and RunThrough offers regular events, with optional distances at convenient venues that are easy to get to via public transport.

This means that whether you’re feeling enthused or under the weather, you can get out there for your adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement (as well as a medal and the all important flapjack!).

Buying the season pass means you always have a place so there’s no need to worry and this really brings down the cost per run – with other events now asking close to £50 for a half marathon it’s a no-brainer! The organisers are a very friendly, welcoming crowd who show their obvious passion for running and make the event a personable, enjoyable experience. Nothing is ever too much of a problem and you’re made to feel part of the family.

Initially I set out to chase my times and beat PBs and whilst this has happened (I even won an event!), the real value for me and the reason I will sign up again, is the social aspect that I have enjoyed as a result.

With regular events come familiar faces and a very real sense of community. The atmosphere at runthrough events is one that makes it very easy to make friends. There’s rivalry if you want it, although this is always friendly, or more social runners with amazing stories to tell (some can even recount these during the race!). I’ve made some really great friends over the last year and will definitely be back for more.

Marijke, 2016 Season Pass Holder

Marijke, 2016 Season Pass Holder

In 2015, I discovered Runthrough, a running organisation that held affordable and fun running events in various parks around London.

Being the only runner at home, I would always turn up at these events solo. Not a big deal as running is pretty much a solo sport anyway, or so I thought.

For 2016, I had a new challenge coming up: finishing 1000 miles in that year, when I came across the offer of the Runthrough Season Pass. This pass was perfect for my challenge as it would allow me to enter as many of their runs as I liked and an amazing medal was always guaranteed. I just can't resist cool running bling! Having done their events previously, I knew I would definitely use this a lot.

As always, I turned up by myself, but as I came to more and more events, I started to recognise other runners and soon we ended up chatting before and after runs. I even ran with my hairdresser at one of the events! It wasn't long before our little group had formed. Bit by bit we started having post-run coffees, chatting on Facebook, checking if we were going to the same events, and waiting for each other at the finish line. There are now 6 of us, and we always have a group photo either before or after the race. We each have different challenges, and run for different reasons or charities, but the Runthrough Season Pass has brought us together. We even attend non-Runthrough events together, even as far as the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon this year!

I have thoroughly enjoyed running with Runthrough this year and hope to be doing more of their events next year using the pass. It's a great organisation that really cares about the running community and I'm pleased to have found my place among them.

You can see more information and buy online HERE.

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