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SOS’s Top Hydration Tips

SOS Hydration

SOS Rehydrate will be hydrating all of our runners at many RunThrough events this year. Here are some top hydration tips to help you along your way.

Water Facts

  • The body is made up of 60% water
  • Your body parts have different water contentsWater Facts
  • Your body produces 250ml-500ml water per day. During a marathon, a runner's muscles can produce that much water over two to three hours. When muscles burn glycogen, they simultaneously release about 2.5 units water for every 1 unit of muscle glycogen; this helps protect against dehydration.

Hydration Facts and Tips

  • A hydrated body is a happy body! – No more headaches!
  • Being dehydrated can cost you up to 20% on performance - ensuring you are properly hydrated will mean you can perform optimally.
  • It is important to hydrate properly before, during and after a run:
    • BEFORE - to allow optimal performance and reduce the risk of cramps or injuries
    • DURING - this is important specially if the race is long as sweat/salts loss can affect how the body functions towards the latter part of the race
    • AFTER - its important to help the muscles recover and prepare the body for the next training session or race
  • You don't have to drink plain water to hydrate, all fluids count, as do foods with a high water content, such as lettuce.
  • Although the body needs sugar to help in the absorption process, too much sugar has been proven to inhibit the absorption of water. Therefore the correct balance of salt to sugar is essential for maximum water absorption, one sachet of SOS has been medically formulated for optimal absorption.
  • You lose essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, chloride & potassium when you sweat! These help the body and brain function correctly, so must be replaced with a good quality hydration mix such as SOS.
  • Be sure to check out SOS at key RunThrough races to sample their quality hydration mix and never worry about dehydration again!

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