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Top Tips for Running in the Heat


We all much prefer warm, sunny days to miserable, rainy days but as temperatures rise, it can interfere with your training.

Heart rates are higher, breathing is more rapid and it is difficult to cool your body down; in other words, your body is working double time. This sensation can put you off running altogether, but follow the below tips to keep on top of it:

  • Change gears and adapt - it will take your body about two weeks to acclimatise to the heat. Reduce your pace and intensity and run by effort level rather than your typical pace. If you try to push through it, there's a risk of overheating.
  • Dress appropriately - wear loose fitting, light coloured clothing. Sweat wicking running gear will allow moisture to be passed through to be evaporated, keeping you cooler.
  • Protect yourself from the sun - ensure you use sun lotion, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. See GB athlete Adelle Tracey's sun protection tips HERE.cool0008u_1_l
  • Avoid the midday heat - fit your runs in early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures have dropped.
  • Keep hydrated - ensure you sip water throughout the day prior to running, and take on water whilst you're running if you feel you need to. If you're running for more than 45-60 minutes, you will need to replace lost salt, minerals and vitamins with an electrolyte drink. See some hydration tips HERE.Hydrate4
  • Run indoors - on particularly hot days, you can switch your run to the treadmill. Give these treadmill workouts a TRYTreadmill Workouts



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