Set Goals

Motivation is a key part of maintaining a great training routine. Without motivation it can become very difficult to put those trainers on after a hard days work or even if things are looking a bit wet and windy outside. Setting goals is the best way to conquer this. Whether you want to lose weight, run a personal best or just challenge yourself, setting goals is super important and something that you have to do, think about often and feel great about when you achieve them.

5 New Year Resolutions That Runners Make RunThrough Running Club London

Just make sure that your goals are challenging but realistic. Think about what you could probably achieve if everything went perfectly… Now think about what you could achieve if things went ok, not great, not bad. You want to set your goal somewhere in between so that you have the scope to overachieve, but also know that if you don’t pull your weight then you won’t deliver the things that you set out to do. It could be a good idea to split your goals into a Gold, Silver and Bronze level of achievement, and then you can assess how you are tracking as time goes by. This really works with me. I need clear goals that I can dream about when churning out those miles. It makes them tick over just that little bit faster!

Run in the Morning

Now, personally, I don’t like running in the morning, but there is no doubt that if you build morning runs into your plan then you are much less likely to skip them. It might be 5 New Year Resolutions That Runners Make RunThrough Running Club Londondifficult to get up just that bit earlier, but nothing is going to stop you from running if you do. Evening runs can sometimes disappear if the day’s traffic holds you up, you’re feeling a bit tired after a hard day’s work or simply where something comes up that you just didn’t anticipate.

It might be tough to get up earlier, but nobody said it would be easy!

Enter Races!

Racing can be a goal in itself, but even if running quick isn’t your key aim, racing is still a great part of training. We have hundreds of likeminded runners all mingling together at our RunThrough events and this creates a great atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this! It is a key part of any running schedule, even for those just wanting to lose weight or make friends.

5 New Year Resolutions That Runners Make RunThrough Running Club LondonRacing also provides a nice structure to your training plan. By entering a particular race, this is a great starting point to build a plan on. When you know you have a race next month, you are much less likely to miss that rainy run!

Find a Group

Every now and then it would be a great idea to run with someone. You might find it easier to run on your own, but running with someone else is great for mixing things up and keeping your mind fresh. There are lots of people who run, so whether it’s a colleague at work, a local running club or even just dragging a friend along with you, running with people makes running more fun! It also helps you to stick to the plan since you don’t want to let your co runner down!

5 New Year Resolutions That Runners Make RunThrough Running Club LondonSome of you might only ever be able to run in a group. Well if this sounds like you, then go and find a running group. Join a local club, pull your friends along or just get talking to people at races… You will be surprised how friendly runners are. I know there a few great examples of small running groups that have developed through people chatting at our very own RunThrough races!

RunThrough the Rain

5 New Year Resolutions That Runners Make RunThrough Running Club London

New year’s resolutions are made in January, so it’s fair to say that you will be tested with some bad weather soon after making them. It’s a great feeling when you are sticking to your training plan, so don’t let some rain get in your way. It’s not going to hurt you too much… And, what happens if it’s raining on race day? It can be fun to run in the rain (once you are wet), just make sure you wear the right kit and you’ll be fine.

Good luck with your training this year!