The good thing about running is that your improvement all depends on the amount of time & effort you want to put in. However, the problem with this is that people tend to jump in head first and start training like they are an elite athlete without building up to it.

This schedule is designed for those of you who haven’t run before, or for those who have joined up with a club & have an aim of racing in a 10k race or if you just need a little structure around what you are doing currently. The schedule is for 6 weeks. You’ve bought a pair of shoes, you’ve had a chat with the RunThrough team & have the appropriate attire…you are set.

Phase 1

This phase is just about getting you out the front door. Thats often the hardest part about starting any training schedule. If you haven’t run since school or your exercise regime has been sporadic over the last few years then we just need you to get in the habit of running/moving.

Run/Walk If you have a park nearby then go there, if not get out the door and start your stop watch. Jog for 2 minutes nice and steady, take a breather for a minute. Simple as that. Repeat that for the entire period mentioned. Take longer on the walks if needs be.

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Phase 2

Ok now we’ve got you out the house and used to setting aside a little time for physical activity then it’s time to take it up a notch. Not by much though. Running is simple, if you do it properly. You can over complicate it at this stage, all you need to be doing is running, The improvements you will make through simple running will be enough to keep you interested in what you are doing.

Proper-RunningThe difference between a walk and a jog. A jog, you aren’t meant to think about it, you just move, some days that might be a shuffle some it may resemble a run. A run is a concentrated period of jogging, you have to think about what you’re doing. The aim is to get you running & challenging yourself over 5k/10k/Half Marathon/Marathon/Ultra but jogging is a big part of a running schedule, you need to listen to your body, jogging or walking is still training & has it’s place. 

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Phase 3

As you can see over the last two phases. Things have got progressively harder. You are now running. In the final two stages there will be more of this and by the end of it you will be ready for a 5k/10k race.

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