Foodie Friday – Bad Food, Good Food

Foodie Friday - Bad Food, Good Food RunThrough Running Club London


Hey everyone!

This week, let us discuss good food and bad food… what about it? There is no such thing! 🙅🏼‍♀️

My first day of my nutrition degree, my journey to becoming a registered associate nutritionist, this is what I learnt. It has forever stuck with me, and it is key to a healthy relationship with food 🧚🏽‍♀️


One cookie is not bad, 50 cookies, ok maybe, but this does not make cookies a ‘bad’ food. One apple is seen as ‘good’, so is 50 apples, yet 50 apples is worse for you than a couple of cookies.🍎🍪

Any food in excess is not great.Learn that all foods contribute to your goals, your body does not see food as good or bad. It takes them for their nutrients💪

Labelling foods as ‘bad’, only contributes to feelings of guilt and a negative mindset surrounding those foods. This can really have a negative impact on our mental health over time. 🧠

Enjoy the foods you love, and happy running… fabulous week ahead for it 😍🌞