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Foodie Friday RunThrough Running Club London


Welcome to ‘Foodie Friday’ – Enjoy one nutrition tip every week targeted specifically to runners! I not only work for RunThrough but am a registered associate nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition, a BSc in Nutrition and a sports nutrition internship with the top Harley Street Sports Nutritionist.This week…. BUILD A NUTRITIOUS PRE-LONG RUN BREAKFAST…

Porridge is such a versatile breakfast which you can make into a perfect nutritionally balanced bowl to fuel for those long runs perfectly

PROTEIN SOURCE: dairy milk will add this but if you can’t have dairy milk try adding half or one scoop of plant based protein powder to aid muscle growth and repair. Pea protein is fab!💪

MILK OF CHOICE: dairy adds a good calcium, protein, vitamin D source, for strong bones and limiting injuries like shin splints! if you can’t have dairy, soya is a good protein source. NB check the nutritional label to choose one with fortified calcium! 🥛🦴

CARBOHYDRATE BASE: oats, fuel up the muscles with glycogen and slow-release energy to ensure you can keep going for the whole duration of your long run! Also containing Beta-glucan great for the gut too!🥣

HEALTHY FATS: a teaspoon of nut butter will suffice – not only great for the ❤️ health but an energy source if the carbohydrates get used up. Don’t fear the fats, they will keep you going on that run when it gets tough! 🥜

TOPPINGS: Add any fruit of choice; banana, blueberries, orange adding in lots of antioxidants and vitamins to help that immune system in winter because who wants to be missing their runs with a cold!!!🍊🍌

So go out and enjoy those long runs, feeling well fuelled and energetic to get through them! Any other topics you are interested in, drop them down below!!


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