Foodie Friday – Nutrition for Runs in the Heat

Foodie Friday - Nutrition for Runs in the Heat RunThrough Running Club London


Hey everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your runs in this glorious weather. With the sun out this week and heat rising, I bring to you some sports nutrition tips you may want to take on board during your runs when the weather is hot and sunny 🌞

Carbohydrates – when body temp increases, it causes a change in hormones meaning we go through our carbohydrate stores faster as the body favours these stores under heat. These can be consumed in gels or food (I wrote a post about this a couple of weeks ago), and should be ingested at 30-60g per hour of exercise.

Keep cool – once you are home, take the time to relax in some shade, or inside. Have cold towels ready/ice packs/pour cold water over yourself. Overheating is very common and can be dangerous, it is important to take the time to cool down when home.

Increase salt consumption – Sweating decreases the electrolytes left in your body, this really impacts muscle contractions and imbalances your body temperature. If making your own sports drink, adding in 1-2 pinches of salt really helps during exercise. Once you get over 1 hour of exercise, you can sweat out 400-1000mg of sodium. It is key to continue focusing on salt intake after your runs (in meals over rest of the day) to replace this.

Fluid Intake – You want to be thinking about consuming 12-16 ounces of liquid every 30-40mins of intense exercise under heat. This is important to not just be water but a mixture with electrolytes (I did a post about making your own sports drink a few weeks ago, this is a great example to use for runs when it is hot). Dehydration can lead to irregular heart rate, increased body temp, headaches and earlier fatigue.

Hope this helps! Enjoy your sunny runs, but stay safe and train early in the morn while it is cooler if you find it effects your training! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃‍♂️