Two weeks of marathon training have been completed, and I am now on top of the energy levels required. I’m absolutely loving training right now, I feel it really brings out the best in me. Despite my prayers for warmer weather in last week’s blog it would appear that I need to shout a little louder with my request if I am to be heard…the wind is clearly not carrying my voice in the right direction!
Nick's Blog - Just stand on one foot! RunThrough Running Club LondonI found that on my double training day this week I performed really well and actually felt energised by the afternoon session which is very refreshing, long may that continue.
I have been spending some time this week considering how realistic my time aim for London Marathon is. I know I have set myself a tough aim but I feel that this is important to keep my motivation high and always to be striving for better! I have come to the conclusion for the time being that I should just concentrate week by week on training and let the target be determined nearer to race day.

Nick’s tip of the week

With the cold, wet and slippery underfoot months now upon us it can be difficult to make sure we stay on our feet (literally). Just yesterday I had the unfortunate pleasure of becoming a little overly acquainted with the mud of Queens Rise in Richmond Park. Fortunately no harm was done other than a slight dent to my ego but I checked around and no one saw so it didn’t really happen, right?
My tip this week is for us all to work on our proprioception to improve our balance and ability to stay on our feet. There are so many simply ways in everyday life where we can do this with lots of levels of complexity to add as we improve. Very simply, it’s all about standing on one leg. So when you’re on the train, tube on your commute perhaps just lift one foot slightly off the ground…doesn’t have to be high, just off the ground. Remember to do both legs…not at the same time though…that’s called jumping!
To add complexity you can close your eyes, or add in some squatting actions; moving a bottle on the floor to different positions around your standing leg for example. Best not to do the squatting actions on the tube as it may be deemed inappropriate by some…although if people think you’re strange you might get a bit more room…just an idea! You can have fun with this exercise and it’s simple; do it when you’re brushing your teeth or doing the washing up!

Races around the globe this week

Well there are not any marathons of significance that I know of this week so nothing to report I am afraid.

Quote of the Week

“Obstacles are things a person sees when they take their eyes off their goals” (E. Joseph Cossman)

Obstacles are just another challenge which you will overcome!

For some final motivation this week, check out one of my old YouTube videos about my time in Hong Kong…never give up!
(for the sharp eyed viewers, check out the guy video bombing (like photo bombing) my clips!)