What does running mean to you, and how did you get into running?

Sport as a whole has played a huge part in my life since I was young and I know it will always play a huge part. It has shaped me and changed me for the better and it really means a lot to me, having used sport and running as an escape mechanism during difficult times over the years I always think of it like the friend you go to when you are having a down day, you always feel better once you have ‘visited them’. I always feel good once I have finished a session or a run despite how gruelling it was.

I think like many athletes who start running young, we all had a teacher who got them into the sport at school and… that’s me too! I was in year 8 at the time and my PE teacher Miss Pretty and my English teacher Mrs Bristow were constantly down my neck to join a club or at least give it ago as I loved the school competitions and would tend to win most of them for the school each week but I just LOVED my netball and basketball, eventually it got to district schools sports day which I had came away with 3 golds and one of the event day timers Ben, came up to me and demanded me to “get down to the track to train” 11 years later I’m stuck with him as my best friend with him and athletics never leaving my side (for too long at least).

When did you start with RunThrough, what is your role? 

I started my ‘RunThrough journey’ around February or March 2014 when my friend Poppy told me about an exciting up and coming events company that are always keen to get new people involved and that they did great flapjacks and from that I was sold!! Having had a number of jobs since 2014 I would always find myself attending RunThrough events during weekends and holidays (I was a sport teacher so half terms were regular) eventually, I started helping with other roles within the company and learning more about how it all works and I was fascinated at just how much time, work and effort goes into each event and that you don’t just pop up a few marquees every weekend in a chosen park and get running haha!

I started full time with RunThrough on January 1st 2020 as the Communications Executive, I help build this incredible community by ensuring all people enjoy not just our events but also enjoy being apart of the forever growing ‘RunThrough family’ everyone goes through tough times whether that be mental health, injuries, work issues or general day to day life and I like to think that when I speak to people via social media, emailing or in person that become apart of RunThrough events all of those doubts or problems they may have are left at the back of their minds even if it’s for a short period. There is no better ‘job’ than that. I also complete the communications southern trio with Lucy and Amy!

What do you love about RunThrough?

What I love most about RunThrough is just how inclusive it is. It is extremely daunting signing up to a new race or your first race or even volunteering at a new race but everyone is treated the exact same whoever you are, whatever your goal is and whatever you look like and that isn’t something that comes around that often these days. I also love just how much RunThrough listens to their runners, feedback is not something that gets brushed under the carpet, when we receive feedback we act on it as soon as physically possible not just for the sake of the runner (which of course is so important) but to better ourselves as a team too. One last thing is the excitement of new events, all runners love a new event but not as much as we do! Since I joined RunThrough there has been brand new races up and down the country every year and it is exciting to be part of a team who are so dedicated to bringing fresh new ideas and locations to the UK’s running calendar!

What is your favourite RunThrough event, and why? 

It is so so hard to pick just one when we hold over 150 events a year but it would have to be Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon, the excitement and the build up for it is like no other and it’s an incredible day. With it being the only race to start and finish within the grounds of the palace also known as Henry VII back garden its hard not to adore this event and it is probably one of the most iconic start lines i’ve ever witnessed!

What 3 top tips would you give runners, that you have learnt over the years…

  1. ‘Trust the process’- if you put the work in, you will see results!
  2. Create regular goals – It is difficult to stay motivated with one large goal waiting for you at the end so always chop your big goal into mini goals and tackle each one, one step at a time.
  3. ENJOY IT – running should not be a chore, it should be something you love, go out and tackle new routes, new races and meet new people, its not always about the time on the clock!

What would you say to anyone coming to an event for the first time?

Apart from my tips I have already mentioned which also apply to this, I would say get involved and chat to a few people whether that be runners or staff, they all had a first race once and if you are not comfortable with speaking to people, pop an email over to us and we would love to arrange to meet you on the day to give you a little helping hand! Lucy and I had mentioned this in one of our videos but also scrap the watch and do not worry about the time on the clock, its your first event, maybe your first race! Who cares about the time, enjoy the moment and the location you are running around.

What is your proudest moment?

It would have to be my first time racing on the TV for the English Schools Championships, I was super nervous as I had qualified as a fastest loser, I took to the start line looking to come 8th on paper and crossed the line in 2nd I wouldn’t say it was my biggest achievement but most definitely my proudest. I knew from that race going forward that quite literally anything can happen in this sport.

My biggest achievement would definitely have to be graduating from university, university is tough in itself but graduating is something that I didn’t think would happen due to the passing of my mum just before going into my 3rd year but thanks to one of my top pals April she helped see me through to the day I stood up on the stage to collect my degree where they then pronounced my name wrong, I mean you can’t have it all can you!

What are your current running/sporting goals?

My 2020 goal was to take on the London Marathon, now this is something that will come as a surprise to many as I was always the first to complain about running 2 laps to warm up back when I was younger, to some extent I would cry to get out of it haha! But thanks to my coach taking a different approach to my training back in 2016 and implementing longer runs, intervals and tempo’s into my winter work I started to love it and then when I got into the London Marathon I knew it was something I wanted to give my all to. I will now do the London Marathon in October 2021 where I would like to run sub 4 hours.

What is an interesting fact that no-one would know about you…

I played volleyball in Australia for 2 months and got voted the player most likely to be knocked out by the ball at the end of the season awards as I was that bad!