What does running mean to you, and how did you get into running?
I have to be honest running was a sport I would avoid as a youngster and never played a part in my life until I reached my 20’s. I had always been very active growing up with most of my evenings and many weekends consumed by swimming and synchronised swimming. Unfortunately national age groups for synchronised swimming stops at 19 and there aren’t many masters groups within the UK, that timed with heading to University in London meant I was looking for another way to stay fit and look after my mental health. This is when I turned to running.


Studying at Roehampton University meant that the beautiful Richmond Park was just around the corner and provided plenty of opportunity to run. I never ran particularly far or fast or even often but when I did I got so much joy out of it and the buzz afterwards would never fail to lift my mood.


For me running will always be about the way it makes me feel, it doesn’t matter what times I run, what distance I run or how many medals I have, I run to feel good both physically and mentally!

When did you start with RunThrough, what is your role? 

I started as a marshal for the events while at University back in 2015. Working almost every event across London throughout my final year of university and falling more and more in love with running and the incredible community that surrounds it.


After graduating in 2016 when the full time team was still very small Matt and Ben asked me if I would be interested in joining the team full time and that had to be the easiest yes I have ever made. Fast forward 4 years and I am now the Head of Communications which makes me responsible for the management of all our websites, social media and emails. It also means I am heavily involved in the running community and take pride in helping to grow and engage the community all year round both online and at the events.
What do you love about RunThrough?
Everything. I absolutely love the ethos behind RunThrough, it was started by runners who have a real passion and love for the sport. We as a team all understand the importance of running for physical and mental health and continue to champion it in our own lives and among the community.


I really do believe that RunThrough is the most inclusive and accessible community in the UK. No matter what age, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or ability RunThrough will support you and do everything it can to make sure you feel the true joy of running and events. Every single runner, first or last will be welcomed with open arms to any event, cheered on for every step and celebrated over the finish line!

What is your favourite RunThrough event, and why? 

It has to be Greenwich Park, it was the first event I ever worked at as a marshal. Not only that but it is a stunning venue and provides runners real challenge so there is always so much joy at the finish line and whether it is a runners first ever race or 500th and regardless of their speed there’s a huge sense of achievement for completing it.


It also now plays host to a very special memory for me as the place I got engaged in 2018!

What 3 top tips would you give runners, that you have learnt over the years…

1. Do it for you! It is you that is running and you that will feel the results and benefits so don’t worry about anyone else’s goals or achievements, do it for you.


2. Take every step as it comes.Not every run will go to plan, some days you will feel like you are flying and on top of the world and other days you may feel like you are stuck in the mud – that is ok!! Don’t dwell, just take each step as it comes.


3. Don’t be afraid to set yourself goals that might seem unachievable. You may just surprise yourself and after all everyone has to start somewhere. If you want to run a super quick 5k or run a marathon go for it, the only thing stopping you is you!

What would you say to anyone coming to an event for the first time? 

Focus on the moment. Nerves are normal but don’t let them consume you. Smile and interact with those around you, you won’t be the only one attending your first race and you may just find a running buddy for life. I’d also say forget about any goals, times or paces you may have in your head and just run.


What is your proudest moment?
My proudest moment has to be completing the Berlin Marathon. This was my second marathon and one I actually trained for, I had a coach and followed a 16 week plan. It’s the most prepared I have ever been for a race and I actually felt comfortable throughout the whole thing and was able to enjoy it.


What made the pride shine though was seeing my family, coach and fiance at the side of the course cheering my name and waiting for me at the finish with arms wide open and big smiles on their faces!!
What are your current running/sporting goals?
Ever since jumping into the marathon distance my goal still remains to break 4 hours, and with 3 of the 6 marathon majors now under my belt I would love to complete all 6. I don’t have any time frame on these as they are not easy and as we all know this year goes to show that things don’t always go to plan so I’d say they are lifetime goals.

What is an interesting fact that no-one would know about you…

I competed in the National Synchronised Swimming Championships for 5 years in a row, with my first National Championships age 11!


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