What does running mean to you, and how did you get into running?

For me running/sport is something that helps me to get away, something that helps me relax and also feel good. I first got into running at just 12 years old by winning my local schools cross country and a local coach asked me to join the local club Stoke AC.

When did you start with RunThrough, what is your role? 

I started with RunThrough firstly as a marshal back in 2017 from that after finishing university i am now the Business Development Manager who is in charge of bringing in sponsors, making sure the event village is busy but most importantly making sure the runners have new tasty snacks to try.

What do you love about RunThrough?

The community, having competed for years at different kind of running events there is nothing like the coming together at a RunThrough event. Everyone there is running to have fun, meet friends and complete personal goals together.

What is your favourite RunThrough event, and why? 

My favourite event has to be Colchester half and 10k, being able to be the only ones in the zoo setting up the course for me is amazing and also for the runners having the opportunity to run on a route they would never normally be able to do.

What 3 top tips would you give runners, that you have learnt over the years…

  1. Enjoy it!
  2. Don’t take it to serious
  3. Make sure you have an amazing playlist ready for them runs you just do not want to do.

What would you say to anyone coming to an event for the first time?

Don’t be scared to speak to people, the RunThrough community is very friendly and you will be welcomed in seconds. It can be very scary going to your first event but you entered because you feel ready for it, so go out and enjoy it !!

What is your proudest moment?

It has to be going out and representing my country in back to back years for the 800m back when i was a teenager

What are your current running/sporting goals?

As it stands at the moment i have just started to run again after a few years out, once i am fit again i would love to run a pb over the 5k which would be sub 16:30

What is an interesting fact that no-one would know about you…

I featured on channel 4’s sex education show presented by Anna Richardson (Her brother was my history teacher)