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RunThrough Newsletter 14th October 2019

TRAINING As the cooler weather continues it's wise to think ahead and start preparing for winter. Here is a Quick Guide on How to Prep for Running in the Cold. - READ HERE   INJURIES Most of us will have experienced post-run 'shivers' at some point in our running...

Runner Feature – Heather Lawson

Sometimes in life you just get to that ‘why not’ moment, and that happened in the Spring of 2019 when my uncle’s 6 month course of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer failed to halt the disease and he was given a terminal diagnosis. I had also lost my father to this...

RunThrough Newsletter 7th October 2019

TRAINING Entered a marathon ballot but weren't successful? Struggling to motivate yourself on those long, steady runs? We all hit ruts in our training but what can you do about them? How to Change Your Goal Setting Game. - READ HERE   INJURIES Long distance...

Runner Feature – Suzila khatun

MY FIRST 5K RUN EXPERIENCE  In my early 20’s I used to love running on the roads. It was one of my favourite hobbies. Partly because with all the responsibilities and commitments with family it made me feel so free and all my problems felt light. At the time, a lot of...

RunThrough Newsletter 30th September 2019

TRAINING Whilst autumn marathon runners are reaching their goal events, others might find themselves inspired to enter their first marathon next spring. If that's you, this article is worth a read - How to Train for Your First Marathon. - READ HERE   INJURIES...

RunThrough Newsletter 23rd September 2019

TRAINING  As we move into Autumn there are still plenty of reasons to get running, be it in training or just because; autumn colours, early evening sun, crisp mornings. Here's How to Train in Autumn. - READ HERE   INJURIES We've all done it, rolled our ankle...

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Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London

RunThrough Newsletter 18th November 2019

TRAINING Mental strength when running makes such a difference, especially on long or multi-lap runs. Here are some suggestions for how to Beat Mental Roadblocks on the Run. - READ HERE   INJURIES Who knew there were more physiological benefits to running in...
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London


We love running.
We love it when someone comes to one of our running events for the first time, and we see them cross that finish line.
We love it when someone who comes to our weekly running club improves their personal best in a race they run.
We love it when we someone shares a story, a goal or a moment with us on our online community.
We LOVE running.


RunThrough Running Club in London

The perfect place for you to meet other runners and train together. Our free weekly running club meets outside the Windmill Pub at Clapham Common every Monday at 7pm. Each session consists of a warm up lap of the common followed by an interval session taken by our expert coaches and keen runners. 

Homepage RunThrough Running Club London