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Runner Feature – George Long

I’m George and I am running the Brighton Marathon for Cancer Research UK. I was never a sporty-type and was often the one joking around in PE class, struggling to catch things. I started running frequently in Summer 2017. One of the hardest battles was heading...

RunThrough Newsletter 3rd February 2020

TRAINING Running can be a really social experience, especially at events where every cheers everyone else on. If that's the reason you love running have you ever thought about becoming a guide for visually impaired runners? It can be a massively rewarding experience...

Runner Feature – James Ingham

James Ingham is a freelance journalist, personal trainer, and founder of celebrity charity event Jog On To Cancer. He has raised over £360,000 for Cancer Research UK running 10 London Marathons and was awarded a Spirit Of London Award for his efforts in 2019. He will...

RunThrough Newsletter 27th January 2020

TRAINING  Whilst we haven't seen the extreme winter weather of previous years there's still a chance we might. It's worth bearing these tips in mind for when it hits - How to Run on Snow and Ice. - READ HERE   INJURIES Who knew your big toe played such an...

RunThrough Newsletter 20th January 2020

TRAINING By the time you read this Storm Brendan will (hopefully) have passed by, but for those who battled the wind to keep to their training plans be reassured that Running Against the Wind can actually be beneficial training. - READ HERE   INJURIES Foam...

RunThrough Newsletter 13th January 2020

TRAINING Sometimes you have to take advantage of any chances you have in the day to fit in your training - Top Tips for Running During Your Lunch Break. - READ HERE   INJURIES For once we're focusing on strengths not weaknesses. We all know about natural...

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Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London

RunThrough Newsletter 24th February 2020

TRAINING With marathon season nearly upon us, here's one for your friends and family, and yourselves if you're not running the race - How to be a Supportive Marathon Spectator. - READ HERE     INJURIES If you suffer from bunions it can make running rather...
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London


We love running.
We love it when someone comes to one of our running events for the first time, and we see them cross that finish line.
We love it when someone who comes to our weekly running club improves their personal best in a race they run.
We love it when we someone shares a story, a goal or a moment with us on our online community.
We LOVE running.


RunThrough Running Club in London

The perfect place for you to meet other runners and train together. Our free weekly running club meets outside the Windmill Pub at Clapham Common every Monday at 7pm. Each session consists of a warm up lap of the common followed by an interval session taken by our expert coaches and keen runners. 

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