RunThrough Newsletter 17th June 2019

TRAINING Despite the recent deluge of rain it is certainly warming up for summer. Here are the Warning Signs of Dehydration that you won't want to miss. - READ HERE.   INJURIES Muscle cramps during running could be a sign of dehydration, or they could be...

RunThrough Newsletter – Monday 13th May

TRAINING With all the recent marathons taking place alongside regular 5ks, 10ks and half marathons, you might find you've inspired someone you know, or been inspired yourself, to start running. Here are 6 Beginner Running Tips To Help You Get Started. - READ HERE...

RunThrough Newsletter – Monday 6th May

TRAINING Here's an interesting article on how your brain can be a help, or hindrance, when running, and how important it is to train your brain as much as your body.  - READ HERE   INJURIES Increased volume of training can often lead to injury, so how do you know...

RunThrough Newsletter – Monday 29th April

TRAINING Having enjoyed the Easter break it won't be all that long until summer. If you're planning to get away at some point but worried it'll affect your running fitness don't worry, there are plenty of ways to stay fit on holiday and here are just a few. - READ...

RunThrough Newsletter – Monday 22nd April

TRAINING As we get in to full swing marathon season, this article (if a little data heavy) might be of interest to those with a race plan of starting fast and getting some time in the bag - Fast Starts = Slow Finishes. - READ HERE   INJURIES The mental and...

RunThrough Newsletter 14th April 2019

TRAINING For those wanting a bit more guidance when aiming for a certain time in their marathon, why not print yourself a Marathon Pace Wristband so you can keep track of your progress? - READ HERE   INJURIES You've woken up feeling rotten (cold, man-flu, flu,...

Runner Feature – Stu Edwards

My “running” started in 2015..... well kind of! It was a cold morning on a building site & a few years before my 40th birthday. I had played with my band at the weekend & the lead guitarist was in training for a 10 mile run, which turned out to be the great...

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