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Runner Feature – Carol Huggins

I remember thinking I need to get active, so I went online and came across couch to 5k. I really didn’t want to join a gym and although I like to swim, my ability was below average. In my mind, I thought running would be easy. Little did I know that when I started to...

RunThrough Newsletter 27th September 2021

TRAINING Have you spoken to someone who is training for an autumn marathon and want to take that next step and give it ago yourself? Take a look at these tips to help you kickstart your own marathon training from planning right up until race day - READ HERE!  ...

Runner Feature – Ivo Maciel

On Monday 3rd May 2021, I started my journey running 5km every day for 365 days from my home in Sheffield; raising money for Cancer Research Uk. This means NO REST DAYS. I will finish at the same place on Monday 2nd May 2022. Who knows what cities and countries I will...

RunThrough Newsletter 20th September 2021

TRAINING If you are training for a big race this autumn, its highly likely you are now starting to taper ahead of your big day! Take a look at these tips to help you understand tapering and also how to do it right so you are fit and ready for action. Let the countdown...

RunThrough Newsletter 13th September 2021

TRAINING Strength work prevents injuries by strengthening connective muscles and tissues, but many of us just do not know where to start when it comes to strength training. Take a look at these easy tips to make it a sustainable part of your weekly training routine -...

RunThrough Newsletter 6th September 2021

TRAINING With races back in full swing, many of us don't leave much time for our bodies to recover before we are back on the start line. Take a look at these tips for recovery and see if you can implement any of these within your training - READ HERE    ...

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Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London

Runner Feature – Martin Gitto

My name is Martin and I live in Leamington Spa in the Midlands. The closest I have come to that is working in Krakow, Poland for a total of about 3 months in 2018 where I had an apartment, allowance for expenses and could explore the city at the evening and...
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We love running.
We love it when someone comes to one of our running events for the first time, and we see them cross that finish line.
We love it when someone who comes to our weekly running club improves their personal best in a race they run.
We love it when we someone shares a story, a goal or a moment with us on our online community.
We LOVE running.


RunThrough Running Club in London

The perfect place for you to meet other runners and train together. Our free weekly running club meets outside the Windmill Pub at Clapham Common every Monday at 7pm. Each session consists of a warm up lap of the common followed by an interval session taken by our expert coaches and keen runners. 

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