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Runner Feature – Rosie Fowler

I'm fitter than I've ever been - apart from the incurable cancer! - Rosie Fowler Life has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Back in 2015 I was several stone overweight and did next to no exercise, even though I kidded myself that neither of those was really true. In...

RunThrough Newsletter 9th March 2020

TRAINING Have you ever thought that you're more suited to either short or long distance running, and not both? It might be your genetic make up: Fast-Twitch vs Slow-Twitch Muscles. - READ HERE   INJURIES Injuries, mental or physical, can impact your performance...

Runner Feature – Jackie Swain

I was asked, recently, why I started running again, after giving up about 30 years ago, so here's my story...   ​All those years past, tragedy struck and I was given a cigarette to "make me feel better". This started me straight back onto the addictive nicotine...

RunThrough Newsletter 2nd March 2020

TRAINING  Top three running drills that encourage better running form. They'll get you warmed up and ready to run! - READ HERE     INJURIES To heel strike or not to heel strike, that is the question. - READ HERE     NUTRITION Following on from last...

Runner Feature – Geoff Dickson

My name is Geoff Dickson and I am a regular runner with Run Through. I was bitten by the running bug as a child, with thanks to my mum. She would go out running on a regular basis and at the weekend I would follow her on my bicycle or scooter. This continued up until...

RunThrough Newsletter 24th February 2020

TRAINING With marathon season nearly upon us, here's one for your friends and family, and yourselves if you're not running the race - How to be a Supportive Marathon Spectator. - READ HERE     INJURIES If you suffer from bunions it can make running rather...

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Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London

Runner Feature – Lillie Bleasdale

The first time I ran a race, I swore I would never do it again. Five years later, I’m 4 marathons down, countless other races have been ticked off, and millions (OK, it feels like millions!) of miles have been run.   View this post on Instagram   A post...
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We love running.
We love it when someone comes to one of our running events for the first time, and we see them cross that finish line.
We love it when someone who comes to our weekly running club improves their personal best in a race they run.
We love it when we someone shares a story, a goal or a moment with us on our online community.
We LOVE running.


RunThrough Running Club in London

The perfect place for you to meet other runners and train together. Our free weekly running club meets outside the Windmill Pub at Clapham Common every Monday at 7pm. Each session consists of a warm up lap of the common followed by an interval session taken by our expert coaches and keen runners. 

Homepage RunThrough Running Club London