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Runner Feature – Yiannis Christodoulou

My name is Yiannis Christodoulou and I am 36 years old, I work full time for the NHS. In 2012 I changed my life around… I was watching the Olympic Games on telly, just about to turn 29 years old. I felt incredibly inspired by the Olympic Games to get out and do...

RunThrough Newsletter 16th December 2019

TRAINING For those who enjoy a good read, why not check our one of these 11 Best Running Books - they'd make a really good Christmas present! - READ HERE   INJURIES Ever felt that intense burn in your lungs running in cold weather? Well there's no need to worry,...

RunThrough Newsletter 9th December 2019

TRAINING Some of us prefer training before work, others after, and some have no choice but to squeeze it in at lunch time, but What is the Best Time of Day to Run? - READ HERE   INJURIES With the chilly days becoming more regular it's worth bearing in mind some...

RunThrough Newsletter 25th November 2019

TRAINING Having discussed the benefits of multiple layers when running last week we thought this article about the Best Layers for Winter Running would be useful to ensure you're properly kitted out. - READ HERE   INJURIES If you're embarking on your first proper...

RunThrough Newsletter 18th November 2019

TRAINING Mental strength when running makes such a difference, especially on long or multi-lap runs. Here are some suggestions for how to Beat Mental Roadblocks on the Run. - READ HERE   INJURIES Who knew there were more physiological benefits to running in...

RunThrough Newsletter 11th November 2019

TRAINING How to get faster on the flat, run up hills! Here are some suggestions for Hill Running Sessions. - READ HERE   INJURIES As 2020 gets closer a number of you will be looking for a New Year challenge, and some will be considering RED (Run Every Day)...

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Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London

RunThrough Newsletter 20th January 2020

TRAINING By the time you read this Storm Brendan will (hopefully) have passed by, but for those who battled the wind to keep to their training plans be reassured that Running Against the Wind can actually be beneficial training. - READ HERE   INJURIES Foam...
Homepage RunThrough Running Club London


We love running.
We love it when someone comes to one of our running events for the first time, and we see them cross that finish line.
We love it when someone who comes to our weekly running club improves their personal best in a race they run.
We love it when we someone shares a story, a goal or a moment with us on our online community.
We LOVE running.


RunThrough Running Club in London

The perfect place for you to meet other runners and train together. Our free weekly running club meets outside the Windmill Pub at Clapham Common every Monday at 7pm. Each session consists of a warm up lap of the common followed by an interval session taken by our expert coaches and keen runners. 

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