I remember thinking I need to get active, so I went online and came across couch to 5k. I really didn’t want to join a gym and although I like to swim, my ability was below average. In my mind, I thought running would be easy. Little did I know that when I started to run the muscles in legs must have been wondering what on earth was going on!!

After completing couch to 5k. I continued to train with my running club twice a week and do parkrun religiously and loved every minute of it. They then created a 5 – 10k programme and I decided to do it straight away.

I moved away unfortunately, so I was no longer able to use my running club. I had learned so much from them about my posture, using my arms mixing up my sessions such as tempo runs. I subscribed to newsletters about running. After my first official 10k I felt like a fully fledged runner! I was a bit hard on myself striving to improve my time constantly.


Runner Feature - Carol Huggins RunThrough Running Club LondonDuring Covid I was able to take part in some virtual challenges with my old club. Once I knew running was truly for me, I invested in some trainers what a different it made in terms of comfort and actually understanding the importance of a well fitted training shoes.

I now confidently run 10k at least twice a week. I am now entering more official races now we have come out of lockdown to add to my medal collection.

My running goal for the New Year is to train for my first half marathon. I want to continue to run consistently and maintain my fitness. Running has helped with my mental health I feel good after a race and ultimately, I am proud of myself. If you had asked me a few years ago, do you think you could confidently run a 10k or have you ever considered doing a half marathon I would say absolutely Not!


My daughter tells all her friends how her mum is a runner, and they always say that’s amazing probably in their mind I’m old 😊

I am excited and hope to continue this journey for many years to come!

Best wishes