Runner Feature - Chloe Mullen RunThrough Running Club LondonMy name is Chloe and this is my story!

As some of you are aware, I moved to London in 2014 to train to be a Children’s Nurse. As a Geordie moving to the big smoke was scary. London although very busy is an incredibly lonely place!

In 2016 a year into my training I became homeless, my mam was struggling to battle breast cancer and I had just split up with a boyfriend. As you can imagine that was a lot to deal with for one person and I very quickly spiralled out of control.

I was on placement working 12.5hr shift for free as a student nurse and I couldn’t cope. I was signed off unfit to practice and had to fight for my place on the course.  I was then facing possibly losing the career of my dreams on top of everything else going on. I developed an eating disorder and lost 2 stone within a very short space of time. One day it all got too much and I left the house with the sole intention of ending my life. Thankfully a stranger stopped me and called my sister to come get me. I couldn’t believe how quickly I hit rock bottom and vowed to get my sparkle back!

I knew I had to change. I slowly started to eat again and returned to a healthy weight. Next thing was to exercise!

I heard the benefits of running were great for your mental health and so one day I took the plunge and entered into a 5k race. This was too be my first run through at the Olympic Park in May 2017. I didn’t have the right gear on and felt stupid and seriously anxious, there was no need. It was absolutely pouring down but I had the best time. Everyone was so friendly and although I was one of the last to finish the encouragement from everyone was so powerful!

Fast forward to now and I have run countless 5k and 10k race, 6 half marathons and one full marathon! I also qualified as a nurse and work at Great Ormond Street Hospital which is honestly a dream come true. I have meet friends for life and everyone at RunThrough are like my family. I still struggle at times with my mental health but have learnt its ok to not be ok and to push myself even to do on a mile run around the block because trust me it helps!

I hope my story acts as a beacon of hope to those that may also be struggling. Come say hi when you next see me at an event. Mental health matters!

Runner Feature - Chloe Mullen RunThrough Running Club London