My name is Delores and I’m 52.

After loosing 5 stone, that’s 70lbs, I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss for two years now. Slimmingworld has definitely changed my life.

Runner Feature - Delores Newton RunThrough Running Club LondonNow at 52 (you might not believe me but it’s true) I also have part kidney failure and have suffered from depression for most of my life. I have found that running is one of the only things to give me a little ray of sunshine at the darkest of times. Running gives me something to aim for and keeps me going, getting out and running helps lift that black cloud that often hovers over me…

I came across the RunThrough page on Facebook a while ago and had finally managed to complete 5k by myself. This then got me thinking, if I can do it myself then why not give an event a go!

A few days later I nervously signed up. With the encouragement of my partner Mel telling me “but you love your running“… “you can do this” I went for it.


My first 5k run was at Lee Valley VeloPark in Startford on the 30th March. I was nervous as hell! But when we got there we found everyone to be so nice and with the marshals easy to approach and talk too it put me at ease…


So that day I completed my first ever 5k race and I will never forget it!


Initially I thought, wow three times round this course, I am going to go dizzy. But the feeling I got afterwards is something pretty special, something you can’t bottle up or even buy this feeling – thats when I knew I wanted to get this feeling again, so I signed up for not one, not two, not three but four more races!! 


Runner Feature - Delores Newton RunThrough Running Club LondonAttending these runs has given me opportunities to make new friends and see new places and I genuinely look forward to them week after week now.


I am now slowly building up a medal collection to be proud of and will continue to enter races and keep up my running.


I used to just want to get around the route of the race but now I know I can push myself and so much so I’m soon to be going for a 10k!