Runner Feature - Moneil Patel RunThrough Running Club London

Loving a variety of sports and being driven to always improve myself, I was challenged to run my first 5km run by my partner in 2012. I was truly worried and nervous about the challenge ahead! I used the emotions to my advantage though – using them to motivate me to train well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event – it ignited my running journey!

Since then, I have continuously pushed myself to run further, from 5km through to running my first marathon this year. Each progression has been eventful: from being sick after running my first 10km run, to crying with the thought of having to potentially run for 4 hours in my first half marathon (thankfully I done a lot better than I thought I was going to do!), and most recently badly injuring myself six weeks prior to my first marathon yet still completing it!

I’ve loved every moment of my running journey though!

Last year, I spent huge amounts of time training with the goal of becoming a much faster runner. Amazingly I managed to beat all personal bests. It was a successful year!

Unfortunately, on Mother’s Day this year, I was struck down at around 6.5 miles, of a 20-mile run by plantar fasciitis. Instead of pulling out of the event, I persevered and completed the event, not realising the amount that decision would cost me… I had to use crutches for 2 weeks, could not properly train for the remaining 6 weeks before the marathon and it took me nearly 6 hours to complete the marathon! The injury also drove me into a spiral of depression, weight gain and slower paces; this lasted for nearly 4 months. I am thankful to the RunThrough community who were so supportive both at events and on social media during the dark time that I experienced.

To transform myself as a runner and learn more about running, I have recently started receiving coaching. We are working closely together so that I can finally challenge my partner, who I have always been slower than when it comes to longer distances, at all distances!

The real test of all my efforts will be Chicago Marathon where I will be aiming for 4 hours, hoping it will be a running party, and complete Great North Run in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Runner Feature - Moneil Patel RunThrough Running Club London