Nadia Said has come on a long way over the last couple of years and has brought her love for running and infectious enthusiasm to our races. Nadia has changed and transformed her life through running and vouches to never look back and we want to share her story.


Runner Feature - Nadia Said RunThrough Running Club London

In 2014 I weighed 110kg

I was not happy with my weight and consequently my health deteriorated. I couldn’t wear what I wanted, I did not like looking at myself in the mirror and to top it all off started having hormone imbalance problems.

One morning I decided I cannot take this anymore and decided to try my hardest to lose weight and go on a diet which I did. I changed my eating habits, what I eat, how I eat it and started exercising!

I started to run and I would go out every night for 20mins with a few stops to begin with and then 30mins with a less breaks and then 40mins with one or two stops and then after a few months I had improved so much that I could run an hour with no stops – It was a great feeling…and I lost a huge 45kg in weight!

I entered my first ever 10k race in March 2016 and decided to get sponsorship to help stay motivated and managed to raise £200 for Sports relief. To this day I have done six 10k race, half tough Mudder run and 2 Ealing half marathons, with my last half completed in a time of two hours and 11 minutes which beat that of the previous year by 5mins!
I’m addicted to Running because I absolutely love the Feeling I get every time I run. I have now decided and started to exercise five times a week and run at least twice a week every week and hope to continue this for the rest of my life!!


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