In my early 20’s I used to love running on the roads. It was one of my favourite hobbies. Partly because with all the responsibilities and commitments with family it made me feel so free and all my problems felt light.

At the time, a lot of my friends told me that I was good at running and would tell me to consider marathons and runs for different charities. I’d say ‘I’ll think about it.’

As time went past, I’d look at different running events and let them go by.  As I got to my mid 20’s, I was introduced to weight training and fell in love with it ever since, however, I ran less frequently.

When I moved to Birmingham it got worse. I stopped running on the roads because I didn’t feel comfortable running as I felt out of place.

Last week, I came to London and I came across an opportunity to do a charity which I challenged myself to do. So I booked the tickets so I wouldn’t change my mind.

That week, I did 3 practise runs to prepare myself. My first run was with my younger brother. I was so breathless. Stopped few times and I shouted at him because he was faster than me.

Second run was 2.5km with my brother again and we ended up going to the gym to do weight training and walked back another 2.5km. And my last run was full 5km run and boy did I struggle to do it.

These 3 runs were quite tough, my legs felt heavy and tight.

Bless my brother, he made sure I stretched before and after the runs.

The day before the run, I started organising my back pack. Told myself, I’ll eat well, drink plenty of water and go to bed early so I’m fresh and energised for the day.

That night, the time of the month started, (first few days, women can relate), woke up in the middle of the night, feeling sick and vomiting my guts out and my sleep went out of the window. Imagine how traumatised I was. I thought to myself, that did not just happen!

The day of the race, when I woke up, my throat was sore from vomiting, not enough sleep, I was so close to backing out but I didn’t.  I told myself if I back out now I will never do it. I made my way to the race nervously. And yes I went on my own.

Looked around and said to myself; there’s all kind of people here today from all age, shapes and forms.

I even see a disabled person and thought if this person can do it, so can I!!

So I warmed up and went for it. I could see so many people zooming past me and thought to myself, gosh what if I’m last? Then I kept saying to myself, I’ve got this! Just keep going. Breath out consistently. Don’t give up. Just don’t be the last person. ….. I looked back and said, hell no! I best keep going if I don’t want to be last and that worked!

So remember guys, mindset is everything! Whatever you want to do, just do it and have faith in yourself and your body will follow.