October – Mental Health Awareness Month.
In a world where I would try to do everything I could to erase my life off this planet; multiple trips to AnE in the same day and trying to be part of the statistic that one person dies to suicide every two hours – Running would be that one unlikely hero.
That moment I laced up my trainers, put in my headphones and went wherever the road took me would see me not just being part of the most inclusive community in the world; but where those first steps forward would see my survival.
Running really changes and transforms lives, I have learned all about the runners high and how it feels, not only amazing, but like a mother cradling its child making them feel safe and it really is going to be alright.
Today I don’t run for times; pace or to be the fastest person on the course – it’s smiles not miles, and finish lines not finish times.
It’s being together, it’s being happy and healthy, and it’s being Alive Runner Feature - Tom Dunning RunThrough Running Club London


Tom has written and published a book, with his wife Amber. Talking about running, his struggles with mental health and coming back from it, which you can find here.
Tom’s website can also be found here.