Training TipsTRAINING

How to Track Your Running Progress (and Why You Should Start Today). This article is an interesting one, and whilst the author is a trail runner, a lot of the principles should apply to road runner also, with minor tweaks to the recommendations. Might be something worth starting in Jan! – READ HERE


Injury Help


It’s likely that we’ve all experienced niggles at some point when running, then rested, stretched and headed back out. The question is, what can we do to prevent the niggles? The answer may well be strengthen your core. Here’s How to Build a Strong Core for Running. – READ HERE


NUTRITIONNutrition advice

We just found this interesting 5 part series called The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition. Whilst it might not all be relevant there’s a lot of good information in there – equally applicable to those not running marathons. – READ HERE


whats onWHATS ON

The Flying Runner – for those last minute Christmas present requests.  – READ HERE

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