What we have been asked about this week/Training specific suggestions
First time marathon runners, take heed. And if you’re looking for a charity to support as you embark on your next challenge, why not consider The Seaver Foundation or the Teenage Cancer Trust? Charities that RunThrough works closely with on a regular basis – READ HERE

Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how
We’re sure a lot of you have been ‘taped’ at some point in your life, but to tape or not to tape, that is the question? Kinesio Taping Review – READ HERE

RunThrough Newsletter 12th February 2018 RunThrough Running Club London

Nutritional tips or yummy recipes
Pancake day is upon us and there’s something for everyone in these pancake recipes. Enjoy! – READ HERE

RunThrough Newsletter 12th February 2018 RunThrough Running Club London

Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
This is most definitely worth a watch, though I’m sure a lot of us fall into the ‘we do lots of exercise just because’ category – The Truth About Getting Fit – READ HERE

Upcoming Events
Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake day
– Tues 13th Feb.
Easter Victoria Park Race – Fri 30th Mar @ 9.30am. It’ll be cracking good fun! Sign up now.
RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark races – Sat 31st Mar @ 9am. Sign up to any distance you fancy here.
Be FIT London 2018 – 4th-6th May. Tickets are on sale now for the UK’s biggest Health & Fitness Festival for Women.

And don’t forget to head down to Clapham Common tonight for our intervals (7pm start). If you’re running late drop Clare a text on 07974777553 and let us know, and you can meet us at the bandstand. (Address: Outside the the Windmill Pub. Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 9DE)

RunThrough is now recognised as an official run club through England Athletics. You can sign up now for 2017/18 membership and buy one of our fantastic RunThrough club hoodies (pic below) at the same time here. Any questions, please email [email protected]