Tapering for a race is often harder than you think, but really important from your body’s point of view. Here’s a good article on How to Taper for Your Race, and whilst it talks specifically about road racing, the general principle can be applied to other races such as trail or OCR (obstacle course races). READ HERE



IT band tightness can hit at any point and is no fun when it does. If it does, why not try this 3-Step Plan for IT Band Treatment. READ HERE.



Energy gels as fuel mid-race are always an easy option, but what if they don’t agree with you? Here are 17 Surprising Mid-Race Snacks you could try. READ HERE



Glasshouse Yoga – running all through summer in Ravenscourt Park.



Lee Valley VeloPark Races – Sat 27th July @ 9am. Sign up HERE
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