What a difference a week can make! I’m now nearly recovered from my period of man flu…fortunately it didn’t kill me off!
This week’s training has gone much better and I have been really disciplined during sessions and have reaped the rewards of my hard work. Today I did a 140 minute long run around Richmond Park and couldn’t have asked for better conditions all considered. In the glorious sunshine and clear skies, conditions were ideal for runners and the hundred or so runners I saw seem to also agree. Although I did today’s run solo, I was fortunate enough to see several of my running friends also training hard around the beautiful royal park which made the run even more enjoyable. I have been absolutely buzzing from today’s run, I love marathon training!

Nick’s tip of the week

If you have found yourself GPS watch watching too much during your training, religiously sticking to a pace per mile as opposed to effort level, then this one is for you…nice and simple…on recovery runs leave the watch at home. In fact this doesn’t have to be limited to recovery runs, it is important that you run on effort levels rather than sticking to a pace as sometimes you will just be tired and other days you will feel great.

I was wondering if there is anyone that has a question about their preparation for a Spring marathon you can pop your question at the bottom of the blog in the comments and I’ll incorporate the answer into next week’s tip of the week.

Races around the globe this week

No marathons this week, but I did spot there was a race in York called The Brass Monkey Half Marathon, what a great name. I don’t care about the results of this race, although it was won in a time of 1.10.19 for those interested.

In Bushy Park, South West London today there was a 10k race, which again I don’t care who won it in 34.09, but in 14th place the Australian Oliver Morrison finished in 39.09. I ran with Oliver back in January 2013 when he completed his first ever Marathon in Marrakech, Morocco. Also in 157th place Keith Campbell made a return from a long term injury to finish in 51.59 – great to see him back running. Well done boys!

Quote of the Week

This week I wanted to give some motivation to those who are experiencing less successful weeks and days. I feel our mind set is what can change something potentially negative into something positive.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

“Show me a race that I can’t run and I’ll sing you a song that can’t be sung.” Nick Twomey

Until next week…love every step!