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I am 59 years old and only started running about three years ago. My motivation came from the need to get fit, but also to manage my mental health around a very busy job and significant caring responsibilities.


Subsequently, my father and step mother have both passed away this year. Running has been a crutch that I have leaned on to get me through some tough times.


I did my first marathon, the Rob Burrow Leeds marathon in May 2023 in honour of my father but also to raise money for the MND Association, as it is a great cause and has also touched the lives of friends. Amazingly I did a time of 3 hours 47 minutes. This was a very special day with incredible support.


I also did the Leeds Rob Burrow marathon with my 2 brothers in honour of my Dad after he passed away. It was a first marathon for all 3 of us and brutally tough!


I decided to run the RunThrough Oulton Park race on 26 November 2023 to give me a renewed focus to my nightly and weekend training runs following by the sudden passing of my step mother. Training has been tough, but without fail I always feel better after a run.


Runner Feature - Tim Bolland RunThrough Running Club London

Running GP Oulton Park 26 Nov 2023


The course was really tough and it was a cold day but I was astounded to achieve a time of 3 hours and 41 minutes, much quicker than my training runs. A great event that really tested physical and mental resilience during the 10 laps.


Unfortunately, the car journey home was less rewarding when I was stranded in a lay-by for 3 hours in the freezing cold waiting for roadside assistance when my car battery failed. However, this trauma did not detract in any way from the pride and buzz I got from completing the marathon and the time I managed.


I also ran a 10k with my best friend’s 16 year old daughter, Poppy Jones in Caernarfon which was an amazing experience to share her joy at breaking 50 minutes. Planning to run with her on her first Half Marathon when she is old enough.


Next stop is the Manchester Marathon in April 2024 with some shorter races and daily training in between!


After all three of us (me and my 2 brothers) saying never again… We have all got into the Chicago Marathon in October this year. A great way of getting together as one brother lives abroad. Running has really strengthened our bond as brothers, which has really helped in tough times.


Thanks for organising the RunThrough race.


Runner Feature - Tim Bolland RunThrough Running Club London


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