Foodie Friday – Consuming Food Post Session

Foodie Friday - Consuming Food Post Session RunThrough Running Club London


This week we are discussing consuming food post session, when you may not feel hungry. Immediately after a session you may often find yourself not wanting to consume any food, however it is so important to take on fuel after!
Here are some ideas on what to consume when you are not hungry and find it difficult to consume food after a session.

–  Utilise the liquid calories – take on a smoothie or milk shake – these are perfect for getting the protein in post session with milk and are a lot easier to have when you don’t feel like eating any food as such.

–  Take on food little and often – instead of trying to have a larger quantity of food after a session when you don’t feel like it, try to have smaller snacks. Good examples include; yoghurts, fruit, nuts. Little amounts but snack on them regularly.

–  Focus on energy dense foods such as protein bars, nut bars – foods that are less volume but calorie dense.
Hope this helps with some ideas…. Don’t let your body suffer and hinder your recovery post session just because you don’t feel like eating!