This week has always been the week of training which I have most feared, due to the last and longest progression run being today. Three lots of 50 minutes back to back with the pace increasing each block, with the final block at marathon pace. In the build up to my last marathon this progression run indicated whether I was on target for my aim.
I went into this morning fully focused on the target paces that I had set. With precise preparation with respects to sleep and nutrition I went into the run raring to go. With a little help from my superb training partner I managed to nail the session which bodes very well for the London Marathon in 3 weeks’ time.
The scene is now set for Nick Twomey to show the marathon world what he really can do over the gruelling distance of 26.2 miles…to be continued…

Nick’s tip of the week

As you should now be a matter of a couple of weeks away from your marathon it is now the time to start the taper. The taper period should involve the volume of training reducing but the intensity of sessions remaining the same. The idea of this is to be rested but at the same time maintaining your sharpness and speed.

Races around the globe this week

Some people will have attempted and taken part in pre-marathon races this weekend to get in that last race experience before the big day.
The Kingston Breakfast run is designed precisely for marathon build up with the choice to run either 8.2 or 16.2 miles.
Focusing on the 16.2 mile race and Michael Skinner of Blackheath & Bromley Harriers won the race in a time of 1.28.09. The women’s winner was Lucie Custance of Clapham Chasers in a time of 1.42.09.
Congratulations and well done to the Ranelagh Harrier runners who also took part, James Whistler, Rick Jenner, Nick Wright, Duncan Mallison, et al.

The Eastleigh 10k was won today by Belgrave’s Phil Wicks in a time of 29.34. Also well done to Marc Snaith who finished in 35.59 as part of his continuing progress back to fitness; we can expect much faster times from the Ranelagh Harrier runner in the coming months.

Quote of the Week

“Own every mile. Celebrate every moment” (on a Nike sign at the Chicago Marathon)

The race day is coming…be the best you can be!