Well I write having completed a 78 mile week yesterday and started the week today (my training weeks run from Sunday to Saturday) with 16.5 miles. What a week of training it has been! I have nailed every run this week including a double up day on Thursday. I am very happy with how all the running has gone.
On top of a top training week I also had a long overdue chat to my nutritionist and with a few final tweaks hope to have the correct diet in place. At present I couldn’t be happier with everything; especially as the sun is helping to turn my ghost like skin to a more off white colour.

Nick’s tip of the week

In the last couple of years I have really felt a sense of community with the runners in my area; helped massively by joining the mighty Ranelagh Harrriers. Training with, socialising and generally being around like minded individuals has really empowered me to progress my love of running and live the runners dream!
My tip this week/ suggestion is next time you are out running say hello to your fellow runners out and about; a simple “good morning”, “hello” or wave can give you and them that feel good factor to crack on with the rest of your run! Be the difference this week and give a runner a wave or a nod because we could all do with a little bit of support and encouragement sometimes!

Races around the globe this week

I can’t do the New York Half Marathon write up justice so I suggest you check it out on the web, however Geoffrey Mutai was the winner with Mo Farah finishing in 2nd place. Mo Farah had been tripped earlier in the race which would have no doubt had a detrimental effect to his race; Mo also collapsed after the finish line. Mutai has recorded the fastest marathon ever run at the Boston Marathon however the time does not qualify for the world record due to the course not being a qualifying course – so a worthy winner!

There were many races around the UK today in the build up to Spring marathons like London.

The Fleet Half Marathon saw Andrew Morrison, a legend of the Twickenham area, finished what is rumoured to be his first half marathon in a time of 2.01.57 – massive congratulations.

Quote of the Week

“If your dreams don’t scare you then they’re not big enough” (Unknown)

I always have loved this quote and feel it applies itself so well to my running aims! Lots of people will make you doubt your ambition and capability but it’s those who don’t believe in limits who achieve beyond all expectation.

Until next week…enjoy the sunshine and keep hydrated and get the sun tan lotion out!