Marrakech Marathon Update
Marrakech Marathon update RunThrough Running Club London

Since my last blog back in October 2014 I have been training hard for the Marrakech Marathon which took place last weekend. I posted my PB time for marathon distance in Marrakech 2 years ago in 2013 and went there hoping to continue that trend and record another PB.

The journey to Marrakech has been a tough one for me this time around. A hamstring injury 10 days out threatened to stop me running at all but with the wonderful work of my physios I was able to get on the plane fit after having rested for 5 days.
To the race itself and I started with optimism and determination, not wishing to repeat the downbeat performance at the London Marathon in April 2014. Training had been tough but I felt it had gone well becoming much more comfortable at faster speeds over the long distance. Early on in the race I realised my time aim was not on and so quickly readjusted my pacing after two miles to still record a sub 2 hour 40 minute marathon. I stayed strong and comfortable until 20 miles when several tweaks in my hamstring knocked my confidence to want to push the pace and ultimately this lack of confidence lead to a drop in the pace.

As I approached the finish I was tantalisingly close to still recording a personal best time and with a final muster I pushed for the line giving everything I had left in the tank…alas there was to be no dream finish this year, finishing a frustrating 8 seconds outside my best set two years previously.

Once I had crossed the finish line another look at my watch and 2:43:44 spelt out a failed attempt to improve my time over my beloved marathon distance. I sat down on the edge of the curb leaning against the metal fence which was there to section off the finish area. I couldn’t help but feel that the hamstring injury sustained 10 days before the race had cost me dearly, if not in actual muscle performance, it had dented my confidence in my ability and body. Again I had to experience the devastating emotions of failure and disappointment that accompanied another failed attempt to improve.

Fortunately I am only 12 weeks away from my next scheduled marathon and I’m more determined and motivated than ever to prove that I really am a talented and special marathon runner.

A big congratulations to all those who ran on the day and a special mention to Olly Morrison who managed to post a 10 minute PB over the marathon distance. He must have had an excellent coach to guide him to this achievement!

Keep believing and soon you’ll be achieving!

Nick x