It has been a few weeks since my last blog but I promise that I will return to my weekly blogging from here on in. As I said in my last blog I decided to take some time away from formal training and my hope of coming back rejuvenated as worked a treat. I did go over to Belfast a week ago to run a 10k race however unfortunately went with an injured calf. Nevertheless my ever improving fitness carried me through to match my personal best time despite not wearing a watch and taking the first 5km very easy…bodes well for future races at this distance.

So fast forward and I’ve now been back at training for 2 weeks now and I can’t wait for my 16 week marathon programme to start the Sunday before Xmas. I’m in the later stages of finalising my programme with my coach and I’ve never been more focused on smashing out a performance at London in April.

Nick’s tip of the week
I’m going to keep this week’s tip very short and concise…hopefully. It’s crucial no matter what level of running you are at, to ensure that you have a rest day from running/ any exercise one day a week. While some of you reading this will say that you exercise every day and have done for a long time, what needs to be recognised is that your body needs a break. In order to train to your potential you need your body to have some time out each week. This will ensure longevity in your training and less chances of picking up injuries deep into training programmes.

Races around the globe
On races that happened recently…
There have been too many races that have taken place since my last blog so I will focus on just one this time around:

The Valencia Marathon this year was won by Felix Keny of yes, you guessed it Kenya in 2.07.14 and Azalech Masresha of Ethiopia won the women’s race in 2.26.01. Much more importantly my wonderful training partner finished in a personal best time of 2.49.00. Although she was disappointed having dropped a couple of minutes in the last 2 miles due to a stitch it was still a great time. I feel very privileged to be training with such a talented and determined athlete and long may that continue…take a bow Lauren Stewart! Much faster times will be achieved by the South African wonder, mark my words and remember the name!

Quote of the Week
“The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things people say we cannot do.” (Walter Bagehot)

Until next week…don’t look at what you may or may not have achieved in the past, look at what you can achieve in the future!
It’s your body, you can make it train hard if you want to.