After some bad weeks of training I have been fortunate enough in the past few days to have started running well again and my motivation and drive have returned. Life’s challenges can sometimes provide hurdles in my running career, but one hurdle at a time I am progressing.
This morning was the Reading Half Marathon, a race which I had hoped to really peak for and determine my aim for the London Marathon in 6 weeks. Unfortunately I went into the race off the back of some tough weeks however my motivation had returned.
Against the backdrop of a course which presented some head on winds and a few weeks of below par training I could not expect to perform to the best of my capability today. Nevertheless, with the blue vest of Ranelagh Harrier’s adoring my chest I set off to run the streets of Reading. I experienced inconsistency with my pacing today, with some very promising miles and some less impressive miles which I put down slightly to concentration and lack of focus more than anything else. Having picked up the effort level from 10 miles I was unlucky to be faced with a wind in my face on the flat approach to the stadium where the finish awaited. Regardless of all this I finished in a personal best time of 78:27. I suggest that there is much more to come in the Nick Twomey Marathon Adventurers but a start to another pb at every distance year for the kid that was “below average” fitness at school aged 11!

Nick’s tip of the week

This week’s tip is one which I have learnt the hard way over the past few weeks. You must keep positive and try to keep your motivation high during a marathon programme as there are inevitable going to be bad weeks in a 16 week programme. It’s easier to see this now I’m the other side of the bad period however believe in yourself that you will come up on top afterwards.

Races around the globe this week

Wowsers there’s a lot of races today that I want to mention…first and foremost the Reading Half Marathon, a relatively flat course with two decent inclines hampered today by some strong winds blowing against the runners. The race was won by England’s Scott Overall in 64:44, with the women’s race being won by Scotland’s Susan Partridge in 72:20.

A big congratulations to all those runners from Ranelagh Harriers, some impressive performances by Carl Selya-Hammer (74:10), Rick Jenner (79:39) and Estelle Damant (82:27) are the standout results from the club based in Richmond. Congratulations also to Nick Wright, Mark Herbert, Marc Snaith, Matthew Copp, Lars Lundqvist, Hannah Lundqvist, Michael Everad, Will Platt and a real hero of mine Darryl Meek…Darryl took up running in the last year or so and has been just going from strength to strength, well done buddy!

The Paris Half Marathon was won today by Ethiopia’s Abebe Negewo in 61:33, with the women’s race being won by Kenya’s Pauline Njeri in 68:58. Massive congratulations to Chris Watt finishing in a time of 82:23 and Fabrice Baudrand in a time of 96:54.

The Bath Half Marathon was won today by Kenya’s Nicholas Kirui in 63:13, with the women’s race being won by Kenya’s Perendis Lekapana in 70:53. Massive congratulations to Kay Addyman (Skinner) finishing in a time of 109:21 at a wet and windy race.

Finally the Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon have yet to post their results however I am informed 4th woman home was Ranelagh Harrier’s Michelle Davies in 3:44:44, massive congratulations.

Quote of the Week

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful” Eric Thomas

Well I for one am ready to succeed…London calling!

For more motivation this week check out Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher: