I’ve been asked to reach out to you with an overview of my rather ambitious and somewhat unusual challenge involving London Air Ambulance Charity (LAAC), a bespoke running costume and a world record attempt.


Back in April this year we decided to work with LAAC for 3 years having conclude our previous 3-year commitment with Missing People. The aim was simply to help them on their #UpagainstTime appeal and after I witnessed my good friend Elanor complete her 1st London Marathon – I had an idea – I would train and attempt to break the GWR for the fastest 3d Aircraft to run a Marathon (current time is 4:03) whilst raising over £30k for the campaign.

Runner Feature - Matthew Wood RunThrough Running Club London

Being a business owner, I applied my 24 years in business into this challenge and quickly set about finding sponsors to provide funding, partners to maximise PR and quirky opportunities to raise awareness. I wrote to everyone I knew who owned their own business and here’s what I said:


Hi! Would you be sponsoring #HugotheHelo and I as we race around London over the next 9 months (all in London Royal Parks and London key places) in preparation for my World Record attempt to run the fastest marathon as 3D Aircraft – whilst raising money and awareness for London Air Ambulance charity’s #upagainstime campaign?


For a donation of £500.00 per month for 10 months, your / their logo will go on both sides of Hugo as we jointly run 5k and 10k and Half Marathon-public runs along with other training runs with some amazing PR opportunities and mas exposure on Social Media up on the Helipad at Royal London Hospital too.

Runner Feature - Matthew Wood RunThrough Running Club London

Yours or their business names will be mentioned weekly on my highly prolific LinkedIn profile (that received 3800 views last week alone when we announced our idea) along with Radio and Media PR pieces, and presence on at least three other Social Media platforms.


Then, on the big day in April next year there will be an even bigger shout-out as we will attempt to get in front of the BBC reporters too in our Guinness World Record attempt with of course your or their logos on view.


If you think this might be of interest don’t delay and please do drop me a line before the 3rd July as Hugo is being built as we speak and the final print run will occur on the 10th July.

Runner Feature - Matthew Wood RunThrough Running Club London

If you haven’t heard of LAAC here’s just two of their out-there statements:
Every minute of every day, London’s Air Ambulance is there for all who need it. Our cause is as clear and compelling as ever it was; to save the lives of critically-injured people through rapid response and cutting-edge medical care. We know that a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. We know that time is precious because we see what it can do; so have our teams, our volunteers and above all, the people of London. Please join our mission to save more lives. Saving time. Saving lives.


We pioneered the approach of bringing the hospital to the roadside, giving life-saving treatment when patients need, not when the healthcare system can provide it.


The #UpAgainstTime campaign is to raise £15m by the summer of 2024 to replace the two current bespoke Helicopters and with your help this life saving target can be achieved. Please note that I’m self-funding my training, travel and out of pocket expenses for this year long venture and, that all the money received will go directly to LAAC and saving lives.


Runner Feature - Matthew Wood RunThrough Running Club London

We now have 6 key sponsors onboard (with a few more to land this month) and if we can RunThrough to help us even more on shout outs (just imagine if every one of your followers gave just £1????) then together we would raise even more awareness for this fantastic appeal and with that help the funding too.

I hope this helps.



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