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On 28 May 2023, 28 runners representing the charity Who Is Hussain (WiH) participated in the Wimbledon Commons Half Marathon. This challenge was part of the charity’s global #Give Campaign to raise funds to support treatment for children with congenital heart

Congenital heart disease is a rapidly emerging global problem in child health. Every year, an estimated 1.3 million new-borns are impacted with this disease. The pandemic has only made it more challenging for children, especially in developing countries, to access life-saving surgeries. This is critical as receiving treatment in a timely manner can allow these children to lead normal lives.

With more than half the group attempting the half marathon for the first time, this was a new and different challenge for many. One of the runners, Dr Ali Al-Bakri shared that he went through a challenging time last year and was barely able to run a few metres but had
been making small changes to get him prepared for the big day. With the support of the Stanmore Jafferys Running Club, the runners were supported on a 12-week training programme to prepare for the run.

On the day, despite the nerves, the runners immersed themselves in the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie that was on display – sharing their own running journey with others, motivating and supporting everyone around them. Some runners pumped out

Impressive times, others battled through adversity and injury to reach the finish line. Much like life, everyone’s journey was different but everyone’s final result was the same, a successful finish at the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon.

However, what made this event special was the opportunity to run collectively and for a cause. Running is often seen as a difficult and lonely sport. Yet, when you run for a cause and as a group, it can quickly become something different. This was epitomised by the runners representing.

Who is Hussain, who completed the event in high spirits despite what challenges that came their way. Collectively, close to £80,000 has been raised from the #Give Campaign. To find out more about the campaign or donate, please visit the page here:

Runner Feature - Stanmore Jafferys Running Club RunThrough Running Club London