Runner Feature - Rishi RunThrough Running Club London

I attended RunThrough Hertfordshire Half Marathon event on Sunday 31st Oct 2022. Thank you so much for all your hard work In organising the events. All your staffs/volunteers has been extremely helpful and informative.I have never been athletic in my life and have never took part in any sports until last year, at the age of 39.

Two years prior to it, in 2019 I went down with covid badly and was bed-bound for 4 months, which is when I had to learn to walk again. A short walk became a longer walk and a long walk turned into running a 5k, then 10k and now a half marathon!

I had to put lots of efforts into in such a short period of time and I kept pushing myself throughout. I only signed up for the half marathon 2 weeks prior to running the Hertfordshire Half in October and had very limited time to train. I successfully reached the finished line, walking and running, while keeping the same pace from beginning to end.

If I can do it everybody else can!

Thank you for reading,