Runner Feature - Shane Mitchell & Michelle Whiteman RunThrough Running Club London

Here is an important message of Michelle Leanne Whiteman (Nee Mitchell) my late sister who sadly lost her battle with secondary breast cancer on October the 22nd 2022.


She was a loving Mother to her children Frankie (10), Talulah (7) and Ava (13). Though she was a step mother to Ava, she welcomed her home without any hesitation. Her husband Dave is now adapting to life as a single parent and as a widow, they both were the perfect match. Her younger siblings Amy, Joanne, Grant and myself (Shane) have to adapt to life without our big sister and in so many ways, our second Mother. Her Mother, Christine has to come to terms with the order of life that was not meant to be.


Her friends and the community she upheld is forever changed. At 38 years of age, one month before her 39th birthday, Michelle left us far too young. She was born and raised in Bournemouth and had a massive influence on the community.


In response I am going to run the London Marathon in a tactical weight vest to raise £2500 for Breast Cancer Now. As I write this email we have raised £1200 in 4 days. I’m going to run the London Marathon in honour of Michelle and the unwavering endurance she showed. I’m going to run it in a weight vest as a tribute to the way that Michelle made a conscious effort to carry those around her during what was, quite literally, a battle for her life.

Runner Feature - Shane Mitchell & Michelle Whiteman RunThrough Running Club London

I’m going to run it to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now who are leading the charge in Secondary breast (metastatic) cancer research. Secondary breast (metastatic) cancer occurs when breast cancer cells spread from the first (primary) cancer in the breast through the lymphatic or blood system to other parts of the body.

There are an estimated 61,000 people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK. In around 5% of women, breast cancer has already spread by the time it is diagnosed. While it cannot be cured, there are treatments that can help control certain forms of the disease for some time and relieve symptoms to help people live well for as long as possible. You can read more about the research at Breast Cancer Now on their website.

Michelle unfortunately only managed an extra 3 months following her secondary breast cancer diagnosis. However, raising these funds will offer more women time on earth and time with their families. Raising these funds will support research into breast cancer and secondary breast cancer. Raising these funds will help fund the research into breast cancer prevention. Raising these funds is what Michelle’s legacy deserves.


Back in 2019, I ran the Bournemouth Half Marathon in honour of Michelle’s battles with Breast Cancer. I surprised her and raised money for Cancer Research, it was my first ever running event and I was inspired my Michelle.

Runner Feature - Shane Mitchell & Michelle Whiteman RunThrough Running Club London


Michelle was my biggest fan, she told me always how much she loved my fitness journey, how inspired she was and how much she valued health and fitness. I made sure she knew she was the motivation for it all. Her courage and bravery during her battles kick-started a journey of weight loss in me; she’d fought so hard and seeing the battles and challenges she embraced, I stopped making excuses and it all started with that Bournemouth Half Marathon.

Michelle cheered me on every step of the way. I’m one of many that Michelle gave up her time for. She inspired a desire for my fitness journey and after many Run Through races and CrossFit classes later. I’ve achieved a 30kg weight loss transformation. The transformation continues in honour of Michelle, here is my most recent running photo from the Heaton Park Half Marathon:


Michelle would have loved this photo and I know she’ll be proud, as she always was, of what I’m doing. I’m going to run the London Marathon in a weight vest to raise £2500 for Breast Cancer Now, who will also be supporting with this cause, and to spread Michelle’s legacy far and wide.

Runner Feature - Shane Mitchell & Michelle Whiteman RunThrough Running Club London

You may view the fundraiser and more about Michelle’s Legacy here.

Any time taken to read, donate or share would mean a great deal.