RunThrough Newsletter 14th April 2019


For those wanting a bit more guidance when aiming for a certain time in their marathon, why not print yourself a Marathon Pace Wristband so you can keep track of your progress? – READ HERE



You’ve woken up feeling rotten (cold, man-flu, flu, upset stomach, all of the above) but you had a run planned today. Do you go anyway? Such an important question, with an equally important answer – Should You Run When You’re Ill? – READ HERE



Given that it’s Easter this weekend we couldn’t resist sharing a hot cross bun recipe. Share your pics with us if you make some! – READ HERE



London Marathon – we are planning a cheer station so keep an eye on the RunThroughUK Chat facebook group for more details if you’d like to join us. Sun 28th April @ 9am.



Battersea Park 5k & 10k – Sat 20 April @9.30am. Sign up HERE 

Running Grand Prix at Goodwood Motor Circuit – Sun 14th April @ 9am. Sign up HERE

Chase the Sun Brixton 5k & 10k – Wed 17th April @ 7pm. Sign up HERE