RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London


RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club LondonTop 8 tips for a newbie racer!

Train With An Aim
This might sound obvious, but we’re not just talking about running. We’re talking about being the most prepared runner you can physically (and mentally) be.

Translation: sign up to a personalised running plan that gives you access to science-based programming, live feedback, holistic support and coaches feedback .

Bring Your Own Energy Gels
Some of the bigger races and events will have energy gels stations dotted along the course, which is great, unless you’re so engrossed in your race that you keep missing them. That’s when you’ll wish you’d brought your own, especially toward the end of the race when you’re desperate for an extra boost of sugar and caffeine.

Slow Down On The Veggies
A couple of days before your race, start cutting down on the amount of veggies you eat so that you’re not running the risk of needing to go, like right now. And on that note, it’s worth carrying your own toilet paper because a) the stuff they put in Portaloos is not pleasant and b) they almost-always run out.

Get To Grips With Your Gear
‍Always do a trial run in whatever gear you plan to wear come race day. After all, you don’t want to be running your first race to then find out your shirt has no breathability, your shorts don’t fit and the straw on your hydration pack doesn’t actually reach your mouth. Always try your stuff first.

‍Load Up On Lube
On the note of sensitive skin, chafing is a real thing, especially crotch chafing. So make sure you protect your skin with a decent dollop of lube before the officials yell “GO!”.

Prep Your Playlist Like A Pro
Plugging into a playlist is a great way to keep your motivation high and energy-levels piquing. But as a little tip, try and organize your playlist so that your favorite running songs come on later in your race, when you need that hype to push on. What’s more, you probably won’t hear them at the start due to the loud crowds and your starting line nerves. Just remember to unplug toward the end of the race because hearing that crowd cheer you on is one heck of a motivator.

Smile For The Cameras
Smile. Throw up some peace signs. Flex your biceps. Do a dab. Pretend you’re Usain Bolt. Jump in the air. Whatever’s your go-to pose, go all in on it so that you leave with a seriously epic race shot (and not a series of photos where the pain is obvious and your eyes are either closed or shooting daggers at the photographer).

Take The Next Day Off Work
Recovering from your first long-distance race can be more hardcore than you first realized. Your body will ache, your sleep will be disturbed and limping to and from the office (while feeling like a zombie) will be the polar opposite of fun. Avoid this by taking the following day off and enjoy a nice lazy pyjama day full of all the right nutrition, recovery steps, some gentle stretching and a whole lot of Netflix.

And last but not least… Follow a plan – to find out more and unlock your full potential, start your FREE trial of Runna | #1 rated personalized training plans for running
Use code RUNTHROUGH for a 2 week FREE trial!

For your first 2 weeks of FREE coaching from their amazing coaching team, including British Olympic Marathon Runner Steph Davis, use code RUNTHROUGH after downloading the Runna app.

For anyone looking to join us at our run club sessions, please see details below:

Clapham Common – The windmill
Monday’s – 7pm Start

Media City
Tuesday’s – 7pm start

Email us if you would require more information, or do check out our Instagram page for more details!

RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London

RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club LondonJonny Davies is the TikTok sensation who has gone on a massive journey from being a gym focused athlete to a hybrid athlete who is now running ultramarathons while also maintaining his performance in the gym.

In this episode of the Gone Running Podcast with Ben Sheppard Jonny talks about this transformation, maintaining balance between the two, his monumental run the tube challenge taking place in September where he will be running the 272 stations of the London Underground, covering a whopping 572km and much much more!


RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London


RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London
Carbs are not the enemy, they are a runners best friend! Did you know that there are different types of carbs that can benefit your training, depending how much time you have prior your training session? Check out our handy guide below and when to have simple/complex carbs and how they can help you!

RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London

CTS WIMBLEDON 5K & 10K – Wednesday 23rd August – ENTER HERE



DORNEY LAKE 5k, 10k & HALF MARATHON – Sunday 27th August – ENTER HERE


RUN MEDIA CITY 5K & 10K – Wednesday 31st August – ENTER HERE


RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club LondonRUNTHROUGH KIT

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Reflective’s and socks are hot this week! With a rebrand and refresh of stock – we are always looking for feedback on what our runners need!

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RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London


Running is one of the most inclusive sports there is and we want to hear about your experiences! Do you run for charity, to keep physically fit and look after your mental health or just because you love it and you can? If you’ve got a story to share, we’d love to hear it.

Drop [email protected] to share your story and see it featured on our website and social media.


RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London


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RunThrough Newsletter - Monday 21st August RunThrough Running Club London

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