It’s been a great week of training for me. The appearance of the long lost sun has been greeted with open arms. The difference the sun has made on the mood and wellbeing of South West London is incredible. After resting up in the early part of the week after the Reading Half Marathon and a maintenance visit to the physio, this week has been an excellent week of training. I have completed 3 very well executed and measured sessions. Today my long run was incredible! With my spirit raised by the sunshine I breezed through the 130 minutes and had to hold myself back at several points during the second hour as I was simply flying…hopefully I can repeat this feeling in 5 weeks’ time at the London Marathon! It’s a high mileage week coming up and so I hope I can execute my training as well as I have this past week…find out next week!

Nick’s tip of the week

This week’s tip is simple advice but important to keep to. Now is not the time to deviate from your training plan. No one has the perfect build up to a marathon especially if following a 16 week programme. Don’t be tempted to try to make up for lost time now! It is crucial that you execute all the remaining runs in the plan with effective rest and recovery inbetween. Quality is the key word for the next few weeks.

Races around the globe this week

Firstly I have two corrections from last week’s race times:
Chris Watt actually ran a personal best at the Paris Half Marathon in a time of 80.23, an absolute superb time from the Loughborough graduate! Also a correction to Darryl Meek’s time at the Reading Half Marathon last week, coming in at bang on the 2 hour mark!

The Surrey Half Marathon was won today by Kenya’s Nicholas Kirui in a time of 63.19. The women’s race was won by Kenya’s Perendis Lekapana in a time of 73.31. Another clean sweep by the Kenyians.
Ranelagh Harrier’s Matthew Copp finished in 89:59 as part of his training build up for the Paris Marathon which is in 4 weeks’ time.

Quote of the Week

Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you’re done!” (Unknown)

Until next week…enjoy the sunshine and keep hydrated!