First and foremost, my apologies that there hasn’t been a blog for the last couple of weeks. I could give you a list of reasons but they would be of no consequence.
So training has not been going well of late although since my last blog there have been a few key runs that have happened.
I’ll start with my return to the final cross country race of the session in the Surrey League…if you have been reading my previous blogs you will recall I was not 100% at the last fixture and finished feeling very disappointed that I was not a scorer for the team on the day. The venue of last week’s race was Richmond Park and there was a lot at stake as my club were in a relegation dogfight with a number of clubs. The race was all about team effort, individual performances were required but the team’s overall performance was the key to avoiding the dreaded drop…no parachute payments in cross country running in Surrey. To cut to the chase, my club avoided relegation and I even scored for the club so overall an absolutely delightful result. I was still, as ever, a little disappointed with my personal performance however, the day was about avoiding the drop, so the job was done!

I had my second progression run this morning, which unfortunately with a combination of factors didn’t go to plan. I have taken the time to draw from this morning the positives as well as the lessons to be learnt for the future. As I don’t want to dwell on this temporary failure, we shall move swiftly on.

Nick’s tip of the week

I’ll keep this week’s tip nice and short. Remember to keep hydrated during long runs in this cold weather. The instinct will be that you are not thirsty but you are still sweating out liquid and it needs to be replaced…simple!

Races around the globe this week

I want to highlight the efforts of one marathon runner this week…her name is Brooke Curran who is on a journey to make a difference in her community in Alexandria in Virginia, USA by running 100 marathons and raising one million dollars for her cause. Having already run a marathon on all seven continents and all 50 states of America, Brooke is well on her way to achieving her targets.
When her marathon planned for today was cancelled due to weather conditions, Brooke undeterred by this set back heading to the gym to run a marathon on a treadmill…and she only went and flipping did it! What a hero! I was honoured to meet Brooke a few years ago in Easter Island and have subsequently had the further honour of running 21 miles of the London Marathon with her (I was cream crackered by this point and had to leave her continue). You can find out more about Brooke here…

Quote of the Week

“How do you get triumph?
It starts when you try and ends with a great big umph!”

(Adapted from the film “Happy Feet”)

Until next week…chins up and eyes front and run run run!