So I write having just completed an easy week and at the end of day 1 of my 16 week marathon programme. Today’s run was 1 hour 45 minutes run and I covered just over 15 miles. I floated around the session today, and felt great and the stats from my Garmin support my feeling that I ran comfortably with an appropriate heart rate.
I’m eager to continue with the first week of marathon training in the coming days and I am sure I will have lots more to say next week in this section of my blog.

Nick’s tip of the week

With training for Spring marathons starting around this time in December I wanted to make this week’s tip about the expectation we have for our performance in training. Some of you will be following a strict and regimented training plan, others will just know what type of sessions they want to do every week…all of which is fine and there is not a one size fits all for training methods.
It is important that we all recognise that things outside our running and training can have an impact on our training performance and we need to make allowances for these in order not to end up over tired or get a dreaded injury.
Not having the luxury of plenty of time to rest like professional elite athletes, it is important to realise that the stresses and strains of every day work and home life will have an impact on how we run and train. To try to cater for this I would recommend always training at the desired effort level as opposed to a regimented specific pace per mile. Also moving sessions around during the week if you find you are just too tired will ensure training is more effective and that your body is ready for different types of training.
On the flip side, if we are feeling particularly rested and maybe something quite positive has happened in the day, then performance in training could be better than expected. Try to recognise that this level should not be set as the benchmark for performance going forward.

Races around the globe

On races that happened recently…
The Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon was won today by Patrick Brown of East London Runners in a time of 2.49.40 and the women’s race was won by Emily Canvin of Langport Runners in a time of 3.22.21.

Quote of the Week

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” T S Eliot

Until next week…remember you have to believe it, to achieve it!

Merry Xmas!