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RunThrough Newsletter – 10th April 2017

What we have been asked about this week/Training specific suggestions
We all experience it at some point, but why does Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) always feel worse the day after the day after i.e. two days later? And what causes it? An interesting article on the subject -READ HERE

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Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how
How Massage Heals Sore Muscles - READ HERE


Nutritional tips or yummy recipes
This article contains some numbers that may be of interest to you - How Many Calories Will I Burn? - READ HERE

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Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
Increasingly we are becoming a nation of coffee-lovers and caffeine has even been shown to aid exercise performance so why not check out some of London's Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in your area - SEE HERE

Upcoming Events
Chase the Sun Olympic Park 5k & 10k - Wed 12th April @ 7pm. The first of our Summer evening run series! Book HERE
London Marathon - Sun 23rd April @ 10am. London teems with crowds all supporting the runners which creates a great atmosphere. Why not join them? See info HERE
Chase the Sun Wimbledon Common 5k & 10k - Wed 26th April @ 7pm. Sign up HERE



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