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RunThrough Newsletter 25th December 2017

What we have been asked about this week/Training specific suggestions
It's the time of year when we start thinking about enjoying some powder, and as runners we figure we must be fit enough to survive a week of skiing, right? Probably, but there's no harm in doing a bit more focused strength work in the run up to your trip. Why not try including some of these exercises in your weekly routine - they'll help your running too! - READ HERE


Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how
Sometimes it's good to take a bit of time off training, and at this time of year you often don't have a choice. But it's not as bad as you think. How Fast You Lose Fitness and Tips to Minimise the Hit - READ HERE

Nutritional tips or yummy recipes
Before you reach for another slice of Yule Log, why not consider swapping it for a bit of Christmas pudding instead? Why Christmas pudding is Good For You (it's a bit of a stretch but makes us feel better about eating it!) - READ HERE


Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
For those who like an adventure - The 10 Solo Adventures You Must Tackle In Your Lifetime - READ HERE 

Upcoming Events
NO Run Club this evening
- we figure you'll all be too busy eating/drinking/enjoying the festivities!
Brixton 10k - Sun 7th January @ 9.30am. ENTER HERE
Thorpe Half Marathon - Sun 25th Feb 2018. Use RUNTHROUGH in the coupon box for £3 off. Book your place HERE



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