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RunThrough Newsletter 7th January 2018

Training TipsTRAINING

"I do it for the medal" - the reason a lot of us choose to enter races (that and the challenge!), but what do you do with all those medals once you've earned them? Turn them into fridge magnetschristmas tree ornaments or donate them. - See links above.


Injury Help


No one would blame you for taking some time off running over Christmas, but bear in mind these suggestions for Getting Back into Running After a Break and don't go all out, expecting to be at the same level you were when you stopped. - READ HERE


Nutrition advice


The new year - a time when we focus on our health after the Christmas excess. For those considering giving up meat, but struggling to commit full-time, have you thought about becoming a Part-Time Vegetarian? - READ HERE


whats onWHATS ON

  • First run club of 2019 tonight - meet us at the Windmill pub at 7pm as normal.
  • Sade Yoga - yoga to your favourite Sade hits, sounds like a great idea. Thurs 10th Jan @ 6.30pm.



Crystal Palace 5k & 10k - Sun 13th Jan @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE
Chase The Moon Olympic Park 5k & 10k - Wed 9th Jan @ 7pm. Sign up HERE
Olympic Park 5k & 10k - Sat 12th Jan @ 9:30am. Sign up HERE
Finsbury Park 5k & 10k - Sun 20th Jan @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE
Thorpe and Egham Half Marathon - Sun 24th Feb @ 9.30am. Sign up HERE



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