R.E.D January RunThrough Running Club London

At the beginning of 2017 the RunThrough team took on the R.E.D January challenge and absolutely loved it, not only is it a great way to shake off the Christmas tum and kick start the new years resolutions to get fit and healthy it’s a great way to come together as a community. It is a real challenge and will be tough whether you are an experienced runner or brand new runner but you will not be alone and most definitely will reap the rewards after day 1!

Hannah Beecham, founder of R.E.D January shares her story and the reasons behind starting Run Every Day January.

Running has always been part of my life but over the years my relationship with it has changed. Now in my thirties, it feels like I’ve started to come into my stride. It’s no longer about running the fastest, going the furthest or proving myself. Running is a way of managing how I feel and allowing myself to steady my thoughts as I pound the pavements.

I’m not the only one donning the lycra to support themselves physically and mentally. Medical professionals now recommend exercise as a tool to manage mental wellbeing. In fact research suggests that regular exercise can decrease the risk of depression by 30% and with 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental health problem each year, it’s time to get moving!

In the summer of 2015, I put this theory to the test when my mum’s depression took a real turn. Feeling helpless, I thought about the positive effects running has on my mind and wondered if it could help her in someway. I went ahead and signed us up to a run. Committing to her first official challenge meant my mum had a goal to work towards. With love and support she tackled each day one day at a time, getting out of the house and allowing herself to feel the benefits of exercise. Crossing the finishing line hand in hand with my mum will be one of our fondest moments together. 

This moment inspired me to start R.E.D January, a movement that helps people support their mental wellbeing through exercise. R.E.D stands for Run Every Day and centres around a month long challenge to run, walk or swim (whatever you fancy!), each day, every day. There are no rules. The aim is to get active every day and boost your mental and physical health. 

Fancy kick-starting 2018 in a healthy and positive way?

Join the movement at runeverydayjanuary.com.